Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic

15646 Manchester Road
Ellisville, MO 63011



About Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic


Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic was established in 1961 by Dr. Arthur Brauer as a mixed animal practice. In those early days, the hospital was surrounded by agricultural fields and the Tri-City name was chosen to create an easily recognizable identity for the clinic that served the towns of Ballwin, Manchester and Ellisville which at that time were collectively known as the "Tri-Cities". Dr. Brauer sold the clinic to Dr. Catherine Hogan in 1986 and retired shortly thereafter. Dr. Hogan successfully introduced avian and exotic medicine and surgery to the practice before selling the practice to Dr. Mark Van Horn.


Our Practice Philosophy:


We will not promote or sell any product or service that we do not personally believe in or provide for our own pets. 

Our goal is to treat all of our patients and clients as VIP's (Very Important Pets owned by Very Important People).



Animal Bill of Rights:


Tri-City Animal &  Bird Clinic has adopted the following Bill of Rights in the way we approach the pets that are under our care:

Animals have the:

• Right to food, water and a clean cage.

• Right to affection.

• Right to preventative health care.

• Right to an accurate diagnosis and treatment of their health problems.




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