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Avian, Small Mammal and Exotic Pet Wellness


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We are proud to provide your bird or exotic pet with complete preventative healthcare as well as state of the art veterinary care.

There are a number of diseases that can affect your fragile friend that, if detected early, can extend the quality of life for your avian or exotic pet.  Our goal is to catch problems early giving your pet the best chance of a healthier, longer life, while giving pet owners more peace of mind! Wellness is a wise investment!

Our exotic pet patients require just as much, if not more, preventive and wellness care than their dog and cat counterparts.  We recommend a wellness exam as soon as possible after you obtain your new pet.  This allows us the opportunity to help you get your new family member set up with the best possible diet, care and husbandry right from the start.  Unfortunately, improper diet is too often responsible for a very high percentage of illness in avian and exotic patients.  The doctors and staff at Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic enjoy taking time to teach clients about proper handling, behavior, feeding and care of their pets.