Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic

15646 Manchester Road
Ellisville, MO 63011


Jennifer Miller

Head Receptionist 


Jennifer Miller joined Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic August 2003 as a receptionist.  Jennifer has an Associates Degree of Arts and came from the banking industry. In 2015, "Jenn" became our Head Receptionist.   Jennifer and her husband, Mark share their home with a Quaker parrot named "Oden" and a cat named "Tablet". 

Cathy Wiebe



Cathy Wiebe joined the staff of Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic as a receptionist in July 2007.  Previously, Cathy worked in the early education field. Cathy and her husband, Scott have two daughters, Taylor and Rachel.  The Wiebe's share their home with two dogs "Diesel"and "Cookie",  two birds named "Mango" and "Sunny" and a cat named "Jade". 


Laura Wood



Laura Wood joined the Tri-City team in June 2015 as a part-time receptionist.  Laura majored in Biology and Japanese studies in College.  Laura has worked in the pet retail area before joining our team.  Laura shares her home with "Acro" (pictured here) and two guinea pigs named "Fluffle" and "Puffle."

Andrea Willen



Andrea Willen join our Tri-City team in June 2016 as a receptionist.  Andrea has her EMT certification and worked in the healthcare field before joining Tri-City.  Andrea and James share their home with two dogs named "Louie" and "Jake" and a cockatiel named "Skye."