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Digital Radiography (X-Ray)


Digital Radiography (X-Ray)Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic is equipped with a start-of-the-art digital radiography system.   Digital radiography produces x-ray images without the use of film, chemicals, or an x-ray darkroom.  Instead, a digital radiography system captures x-ray images on an electronic detector or screen, converts those images to a digital format, and displays them on a computer monitor.  This allows us to take "x-rays" of patients as small as parakeets to patients as large as great danes.  Using computer software the x-ray images can be enhanced or enlarged making it easier to evaluate patients of all sizes.  This technology greatly increases our diagnostic capabilities and is a significant advance over the use of x-ray film to take radiographic images.  Furthermore, we can email your pet's radiographs allowing easy transfer of images to veterinary specialists. You can even take a copy home with you to look at on your home computer!