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Emergency Services


Because our pets do not schedule their medical problems at convenient times...we understand that emergencies happen. During regular office hours, if you believe your pet has a life-threatening emergency, please give us a call to let us know you are coming.  We are equipped to handle most animal emergencies, whether it would be a hit-by-car, dog fight or whatever other excitement your pet decided to share with you.  By letting us know that you are coming, we can be prepared for your arrival.  If we are unavailable and believe your pet needs immediate attention, please do not be offended if we refer you to the Animal Emergency & Referral Center.  Be assured that if we do so, it is because we have your pet's best interests at heart.  If an emergency arises after our regular clinic hours, you can reach us for consultation by calling 636-227-4041.  Depending on the circumstances, we may refer you to VSS Emergency Center, 636-227-6100, 1021 Howard George Drive, Manchester, MO  63021.


There are several reasons why we recommend taking your pet to VSS Emergency Center:

1) They have a great staff of veterinarians and emergency trained technicians already there and waiting for you. You do not have to wait for a return phone call and then a further delay while we travel to the clinic and call in support staff. If it is a true emergency, this delay could be critical.

2) If we have been up all day at practice and then we are also up all night for the next several nights on emergency call, how alert will we be and how good of care are we going to be able to give your pet?  You need us to be sharp and able to make sound judgement calls.  That is the very reason why human emergency rooms were created.

3) Each facility does a great job of staying in communication with us.  They will let us know your pet is there and what has been done so far.  As soon as it is in your pet's best interests or it is feeling better, you will be able to transfer your pet back to us for continued care.  


Since all emergencies are different, when you arrive at the emergency clinic, a trained veterinary technician will assess your pet and "triage" it on the basis of how stable it is.  Emergency rooms do not function on a "first come, first served" basis.  Critical patients will be seen before non-critical patients.  If your pet does not have a life-threatening problem, do not be surprised if you have to wait to be seen.  

At the emergency clinic severe cases may be immediately transferred back to the emergency hospital treatment ward to be stabilized.  You will be required to stay in the exam room or the waiting room while the veterinary team focuses on your pet's care.  Certain diagnostics may need to be done immediately to obtain a tentative working treatment plan for your pet.  Because the staff may have seen other emergencies like your pet's before, they will know what procedures need to be done first.  As soon as possible the veterinarian will speak with you.  We know you are scared and nervous but your pet's care is their utmost concern.

No one likes to mention finances when an emergency arises.  Please understand that payment is due at the time of service.  Unplanned emergencies can get expensive but remember that the Emergency Center is not out to "gouge" you.  It is expensive to maintain an emergency team 24 hours a day, and the costs involved with equipment and medications that may be rarely used except in certain emergency situations.


VSS Emergency Center
1021 Howard George Drive
Manchester , MO 63021  US
Phone : (636) 227-6100