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What To Do If You Find a Baby Bird


If the young bird is hopping and running away from you, leave it alone.  His parents will find him.  If he is in immediate danger of becoming lunch for a cat or dog, scoop him up and put him in a nearby bush or shrub out of harm's way.

If you find a baby with little or no feathers and you know where the nest is, return the bird to its nest.  The parents will not abandon the bird, even after it has been touched.

If the nest has been destroyed, you can construct a makeshift nest using a small basket or Cool Whip container.  Make sure there are holes in the bottom of any container used for drainage.  Line the container with material from old nest or dry grass or leaves.  Wire your nest to a branch or place it securely in a branch fork near the old nest's location.

If the baby or fledgling is cold to the touch, take him inside to warm before placing back in the nest.  Nestle the bird in a warm towel or use a hot water bottle (with a towel between the bird and the bottle).  Place the bird in a warm, dark, quiet place away from children and pets.


Do not attempt to feed babies or fledglings.

If you cannot find the nest or the bird appears to be sick, injured, needs feeding or your pet brought the bird home still alive; give The Wild Bird Rehabilitation a call at the number below.

Wild Bird Rehabilitation
9624 Midland Boulevard
Overland, MO  63114