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Importance of Fecal Exams


Because of the high incidence of intestinal parasites (worms) in dogs and cats it is highly recommended that your pet’s feces be checked at least once a year for these parasites. A few very good reasons to have this simple test include:


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  • Parasite eggs or larvae are passed in the stool of your pet and are often undetectable to the human eye. 
  • Many of these parasites can infect people as well. These infections, like others acquired from animals, are called zoonotic infections.
  • Pets are exposed to parasite eggs via litter boxes, walking in the grass, ingestion of other animal’s feces, ingestion of grass, and the licking/cleaning of their feet and rectum.
  • Parasites can be easily treated and even prevented if your pet is infected or in a high risk situation.
  • Untreated, your pet will become ill and the parasites may even prove fatal in certain cases. 

Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic can provide your pet with the appropriate treatment for these parasites but detection is the key to early and successful treatment. We also can provide you with appropriate preventative products so that future infections can be avoided. We will be glad to talk to you about the need for yearly stool examinations in your dog or cat and how you can prevent parasite problems in your pets.