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Importance of Heartworm Testing


Because of the high incidence of heartworm disease in dogs, it is highly recommended that your pet's blood be checked at least once a year for these parasites. A few very good reasons to have this simple, painless test include: 


  • Heartworms live in the heart where they can cause permanent damage.White dog
  • Untreated heartworm disease is fatal.
  • Treatment of heartworm disease is risky and expensive, but prevention is easy.
  • Annual heartworm testing gives owners piece of mind knowing that their pet is free of heartworms.
  • Infected dogs may not show signs for several years. Annual heartworm testing assures early diagnosis and treatment of a heartworm infection. 


Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic can provide your pet with the appropriate treatment for heartworms but detection is the key to early and successful treatment. We also can provide you with appropriate preventative products so that future infections can be avoided. We will be glad to talk to you about the need for yearly heartworm tests in your dog and how you can prevent this fatal disease.