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In Memory of Jiggs
My "Big Lion Cub"


JiggsI am sending a picture of Jiggs, my "big lion cub" that  I took less than two weeks before he went downhill.  He looks so good, and happy still. And up until that Saturday even, he was still the loving cat he always was. But, when a lion cub stops eating you know trouble is near, and in his way those last three days he was trying to tell me.

I will never forget the rough kitty kisses or the pats to my face with those big paws of his. He shared himself with me and everyone who came by. The house feels empty now, especially the kitchen without my Jiggs' box waiting by his food bowl.  It just doesn't seem right not having his shoe box on the counter taking up space.  I even miss him watching me like a hawk when I am cooking, never could trust him not to sample the food as it cooked.  He never cared if things bothered his finicky stomach, he just liked to eat.

Again and as always, the staff at Tri-City are so good.  It was so hard last Saturday to bring my "big lion cub" to you.  I am so thankful, when the time came he went quick and that I had such a caring place to bring him.  Dr. Coffman was so good and gentle with him.

Thanks for all you and the staff do, during the good and the bad times. It is a comfort to be with people, God's people,  who have been given tender hearts for our animal friends. Would never think of being anywhere else.   

Take care, Cathy