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In Memory of Mosey




A Loving Spirit, Gone But Not Forgotten..... 

Dear Tri-City Staff,

On July 13, 2007, I had to do what I thought was best.  I used Dr. Van Horn and the Tri-City staff's opinion and professional loving judgment to assist me in letting my best friend go.  I say "letting" because if I had asked her to stay, she would have - no matter the pain.  I'll never forget that early evening when I had to send Mosey off to her next adventure and a family on the other side of the rainbow to care for.  

Still, almost 4 years and 3 countries later, in February of 2011, tears are drawn from deep within me.  Of all the strength that was within me and my family and friends, none was of any use to her.  Still, after years in Iraq, Kuwait and Dubai,  her memory stays with me... there are days that I can still only describe as paintings that wash away and as those memories of each day wash away, I see her silhouette.  Some days are better than others and she is the painting while the day washes away... just like rain on a canvas.

I came back to the website today on a whim, after my hard day and nothing like Mosey to come back to and talk the happenings of the day with.  I came across two very special poems for "Doogie"  and "Skipper" ... amazing.  I would love to have so much left to give as that author "Mommy" did.  What a true gift of literary justice she has done for her loved partners she has provided for all of us.  

My sister just had to do the same for her wonderful "Aleutia" and perhaps that is why I ended up at Tri-City's website...the healing.  I can say the pain of the loss is far less than the total joy brought by our true friends.  It doesn't matter really.  What I think that matters is that years after what I consider to be my most profound loss is that you still provide healing and, tonight, here, right now, thousands of miles away, I want to thank you for giving care to Mosey and myself still.  You all always cared for Mosey as if she was the only client you ever had or would ever get.  Truly she was treated as royalty and even tonight, you have still treated her the same.  The same dignity, respect and love that I am sure you treat all of your clients and patients with...Thank you.  Thank you on behalf of those that have had to lay on the huge Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic shoulders and on behalf, perhaps more importantly, of those that have yet to need to but will.  

Be that one day, one year or one decade into those lives that you will need to.  What a profoundly difficult job you all have.  You all stepped up to a duty that I do not find envy in, yet a duty that I so envy,  I wish I had the ability to step into. Thank you all again for everything you have done and will do.