Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic

15646 Manchester Road
Ellisville, MO 63011



Care of Injured or Sick Wildlife


Unfortunately, due to safety issues and the need for special licenses we cannot accept sick or injured wildlife. Please consider contacting the Missouri Department of Conservation, Wild Bird Rehabilitation, the World Bird Sanctuary or Wildlife Rescue:

For injured birds of prey (hawks, owls, eagles, vultures), please contact the World Bird Sanctuary at 636-861-1392 -

For injured songbirds, please contact the Wild Bird Rehabilitation at 314-426-6400 -


For all other injured or orphaned wildlife, such as rabbits, turtles, raccoons, etc., please contact one of the following agencies:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at 636-677-3670 -
Wildlife Rescue Center at 636-394-1880 -
Bi-State Wildlife Hotline 
at 855-945-3435 -


For further information on native wild species and restrictions regarding their possession, please contact your local Missouri Department of Conservation at 636-441-4554.