Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic

15646 Manchester Road
Ellisville, MO 63011



Patient Care Team


Cindy Speciale

Head Technician


Cindy Speciale joined our staff in October 1990 with three years experience as a veterinary technician at a local practice.  She graduated from the Midwest Institute for Medical Assistants in 1987 and has pursued continuing education in small animal nutirition, dentistry, avian laboratory techniques and avian restraint. In 2015, Cindy became our Head Technician.    Cindy and her husband, Mike have one daughter, Amanda.  They have two birds "Julio" and "Bill", two dogs named "Lilly" and "Sawyer",  and  a cat named "Oliver Twist".


Jennifer Sisson

Veterinary Assistant


Jennifer Sisson joined Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic in the fall of 1998 after graduating from Truman State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  Jennifer has two dogs named "Pete" and "Lillie" (pictured here), two birds named "Sparkey" and "Juniper" and  ten rats named "Basil", "Leroy", "Nibbler", "Pancake", "Pigeon", "Poppy", "Possum", "Shrimp", "Slurpee" and "Twerp" and some fish.


Danielle Liesenfeld

Veterinary Assistant


Danielle Liesenfeld joined Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic as veterinary assistant in June 2019. Danielle graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree and has aspirations of attending veterinary school. Danielle shares her home with three dogs named “Kodi”, “Maggie” and “Molly” and a rabbit named "Sterling".

Carissa Schaeffer

Veterinary Assistant


Carissa Schaeffer joined Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic as veterinary assistant in April 2019. Carissa graduated with an Associates Degree of Fine Arts and worked at a local pet store and humane society before joining Tri-City. Carissa shares her home with four cats named “Baby”, "Bob", "Cloey" and “Botan”, a green cheek conure named” Teto” and four ferrets named “Antionette”, “Pacha”,  “Eska” and "Pierre".  

Megan Ross

Veterinary Assistant


Megan Ross rejoined Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic as veterinary assistant in October 2020. Megan has worked at numerous local veterinary practices and has pursued continuing education yearly. Megan and her husband, have one son. 

Amy Riegel



Amy Riegel joined Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic as a veterinary technician in August 2002 after graduating from Midwest Institute for Medical Assistants.  Amy shares her home with five dogs named "Nora", "Fergie", "Cocoa", "Emery" and "Poppy" and three African Gray Parrots named "Sid", "Jasmine", and "Kay" and 2 hamsters named "M.J." and "Tinsel."   


Amber Schultz

Veterinary Assistant 


Amber Schultz joined the staff of Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic February 2008.  Amber has previous experience from working at a local veterinary clinic and a clinic in southern Missouri.  Amber and her husband, Jake, share their home with two dogs named "Paris" and "Spunky", two cats named "Vega" and "J.J." and an eclectus parrot named "Java". 


Jamie Moranz, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician


Jamie Moranz rejoined our staff in 2014 after graduating from Jefferson College of Veterinary Technology Program earning her Associates Degree.  Jamie and her husband, Alex, have one son Arthur and two dogs named "Marley" and "Z", and a cat named "Maude."  


Erin Shanahan

Veterinary Assistant

Erin Shanahan joined our team in October 2016 as a veterinary assistant.  Erin with her Associates Degree worked at two area practices and one in Kansas City before joining our team.  Erin and her husband, have a son and daughter.  They share their home with two dogs named "Chico" and "Xena" (pictured here) and one cat named "Samurai".


Demi Haynes 

Veterinary Technician

Demi Haynes, a veterinary technician joined our staff in August 2018 after graduating from the Midwest Veterinary Technician program.  Demi and Paul share their home with a cat named "Millie".  


Rachel Wiebe

Kennel Assistant


Rachel joined our staff as kennel assistant in April 2018.  Rachel a sophomore in college, plans to pursue a career in physical therapy next year.  She shares her home with a dog named "Annalise".