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Pet Insurance


Dog in bandanaThere have been many great medical advances made over the past few decades in both human and veterinary medicine. 

Accordingly, both of these disciplines have realized significantly increased costs associated with delivery of high quality medical and surgical care.

In human medicine, health insurance provides the patient with a financial buffer so that it isn't always obvious exactly how costly medical care has become for people.  Veterinary hospitals offer much of the same specialize medical and surgical care, while good pet health insurance plans remained largely unavailable for years.  While fees associated with providing veterinary care have lagged far behind those of human medicine, we realize that the cost to you is still significant.

We wish to offer our pets the best possible veterinary care at an affordable cost to you.  You can now get affordable pet insurance policies for your pet through a company called Pets Best Insurance.  We have brochures in the clinic for you to take home and review.  If interested, just call Pet's Best Insurance at 1-877-738-7237 to get a free quote!