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PharmacyOur clinic is not only an animal hospital but we are a full service animal pharmacy as well.  For our own patients, we maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, shampoos, diets, heartworm and flea preventatives to meet the needs of your pet.   

Pharmacies are NOT just stores where you buy drugs. Done properly, pharmacies provide important medical services to you. Every time we dispense a medication to your pet we review their medical record to ensure that it is the correct medication and that no drug interactions or other contraindications exist.  We also make sure that any needed health monitoring is up-to-date to ensure that the requested medication is safe for your pet. We also provide our clients with complete instructions on appropriate safe use of prescription medications and we are always available to answer your questions before of after you fill your prescription. Our doctors will let you know what response to expect and based on your pet's response they will adjust the dosage of the medication when needed.  While medications can often be life-saving, many prescription medications can be dangerous or even fatal if they are used inappropriately.  A working relationship with your veterinarian is vital to insuring that your pet receives the best care.



We are happy to prepare your prescription refills for you to either pick up or we can mail your prescription refills.  Email us or for faster service, please call us at (636) 227-4041.

A valid prescription must be on file for a refill prescription to be issued.  A receptionist will review your pet's medical record to ensure that a refill is available or will call you to schedule an appointment if your pet needs an exam or other medical care before a medication can be refilled. 


Prescriptions by Mail

Our standard shipping method is the U.S. Mail.  While we cannot guarantee delivery date by the U.S. Mail, most shipments are received within 7 days of shipment.  Expedited shipping via FedEx Overnight Delivery Service is available for an additional fee.

For mailed prescriptions, a shipping fee of $5.95 will be charged to cover our mailing and handling fees.  A receptionist will call you for your credit card payment information before we ship the medication.  If you'd like to pay by check, she will give you the payment total and we will ship the medication upon receipt of your mailed check.

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Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic strongly encourages our clients to be informed and prudent shoppers when purchasing prescription medications.  Prescription drugs are powerful, important and potentially dangerous.  It is important that your pet receive the correct medication and correct dosage.  To retain safety and effectiveness, drugs must also be stored, shipped and packaged in accordance with stringent guidelines.  For safety and effectiveness, it is also vital that medications be administered according to prescription instructions.  When you purchase your pet's medications directly from your veterinarian, you know that your pet's personal veterinarian is responsible for making sure your pet receives the safest, best medication possible and that you receive all the information you need to appropriately administer and monitor the medication.  Except for you, no one cares more about your pet's health that we do. Even non-prescription drugs such as flea and tick medications can be dangerous if misused or mislabeled.  An epidemic of fraudulent name brand flea and tick remedies puts pets at serious risk.

On occasion, we "script out" needed medications to reputable independent human pharmacies when your pet needs a rare medication that we do not stock.  When we do this, we will provide you with the needed guidance and supervision to safely administer these drugs.  Many such independent pharmacies are reputable and capable of delivering appropriate medications, even though they cannot offer you animal-related advice or supervision in the same way that your pharmacy can supervise and monitor human health.  While human pharmacies are authorized to fill animal prescriptions, human pharmacists are not trained in animal medicine and so cannot provide counseling on contraindications, drug interactions or administration instructions in the same way that they can for human drugs.

Please be aware that there are major "pet internet pharmacies" in operation that have been convicted of dispensing medications illegally and also of dispensing medications not licensed for sale in the United States.  Major internet pet pharmacies have been sued and fined by regulators in many states because of illegal and/or fraudulent activities that put pets at risk.  They have dispensed powerful prescription drugs without valid prescriptions, putting pets at risk of injury or death.  They have delivered drugs not valid for sale in the U.S. and packaged without English dosing instructions.  They have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and have constant legal battles with Attorney Generals in many states as well as the federal EPA.  They have been sued by drug manufacturers for illegal activities as well.

Because of the importance of careful medical supervision of pets on prescription medications, major pet pharmaceutical companies do not authorize the distribution of their medications except directly through veterinarians.  In fact, the "guarantees" (such as paying for expensive heartworm treatment should your pet acquire heartworm disease while on a covered heartworm preventive program) and various seasonal rebates that drug companies offer are only valid if the medication is purchased directly through your veterinarian.

Some such pharmacies advertise that their prices are low when actually their prices are often higher or about the same as typical veterinarian office prices.  Fine print often hides shipping and other fees.  A veterinarian's pharmacy prices directly reflects the costs of carrying and dispensing medications.  Some medications may well be more expensive at the veterinarian's office while others may be less expensive.  Veterinarians could not provide needed medical care without stocking a complete range of medications.

Please protect your pet's health and support the excellent quality of care only your veterinarian can provide by purchasing your pet's medication directly through your veterinarian.