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Dear Dr. Van Horn, Dr. Morhaus and staff,
Thank you so much for taking care of my baby cockatiel who had a terrible cage accident earlier in the month.  He was in pretty bad shape when I brought him in after being hung by his neck in his cage door overnight.  He never tried getting out before and we were getting ready to transfer him into a bigger steel cage but not soon enough.  I wondered if the earthquake that night had anything to do with him being frightened.
You and your team were wonderful, I brought him in immediately and you immediately greeted me when we were both in pain. Your careful attention to all details meant so much to me. Dr. Morhaus fashioned a little neck brace for him too that he finally cast off when he was getting better. Even Phyllis called this past weekend to follow-up on his progress.   
Here is a picture of my little guy that we took a couple of days ago enjoying himself on our patio for a few minutes of fresh air.  Had it not been for your quick response and dedication this picture might not have been possible.  Thank you again and best regards,


Hello Everyone at Tri-City: 

My Mom was browsing your website and thought she might send my picture. I have to thank everyone at Tri-City for taking such good care of me. I am feeling pretty good these days. As you know I have cancer, but with the best care possible you all have given me, I am doing pretty darn good. Thank you all so very much. I am still enjoying my walks, my meals, and my playtime too. So thank you all very much and woof-woof-woof! You all are the best! 

Lots of Love and Doggie Kisses, 
Chuckie Michael 
Best boy of Joel and Sandy



Thanks very much for the care you showed Isolde this morning at her first visit.  I appreciated the professionalism, the care, and the time Dr. Morhaus took to answer the many questions I had as a new bird owner.  I'm glad I was referred to your practice, and I'll be happy to recommend you to any and all pet owners I meet.

Again, thanks to you and the staff.