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Email us your tributes in memory of those pets that have gone on ahead of us.  These loving tributes will live forever in our hearts!


Dear God,

I miss Chevy so much and you know how much and I really want him back.  But I know he was in pain and he would of died overnight.  I was hoping you could have him give every life he touched some of his strength especially my dad, mom, me and Timmy.  Please have him know he will NEVER leave my heart and I won't love any dog more than him. I will love them the same as him.  Let him know he was the BEST dog ever.  I had more fun at fun things when he was around and our next dog won't be as good as Chevy.  I will still always write his name in the window when it fogs up.  He was the most friendly dog ever.  I miss him sitting on people's feet and getting up on my parent's bed and covering him up with a blanket and hearing his barks and seeing him chase stuff.  I remember once Timmy, Kristin, Duke and I were on the trampoline and we were playing with the water.  Chevy jumped up on to the trampoline and then, jumped back off.  I miss everything about him.

Yours truly, Kaitlyn

P.S. I know you will do what I ask and I want to say thank you and I know you are there to comfort me when I am feeling bad. 

Kaitlyn and Chivas

Kaitlyn and Chivas